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Jill King: Getting rid of brain fog and fatigue

My health was very bad in 2017. By May 2019 I thought my body was beginning to shut down and heading toward death. At that time, I was suffering from years of debilitating fatigue, brain fog, an irregular heartbeat that doctors couldn't diagnose. They told me my heart was healthy, told me I was depressed and sent me to the HMO psychiatrist. I was put on multiple depression drugs for all of 2017 that exacerbated my symptoms.  

I had enough with pharmaceuticals and doctors and sought out holistic practitioners to help me get well.  My first appointment with Lynn Westine, founder of and a Somavedic user herself, was May 29, 2019. By this time, my initial symptoms of fatigue and brain fog were debilitating. I slept during the day when not at work, and when home, I rarely had the energy to fix meals and clean the house. I had become a social recluse because I was too tired to leave the house.

After several months of following Lynn's diet, supplement, and therapy recommendations, I felt much better. By September 2019, my recovery stagnated, and I was on a health plateau that was preventing me from advancing in my recovery. It was during this time that Lynn recommended Somavedic Medic Green. I ordered a Medic Green and started using it right away.  By mid-October, after only a few weeks of Medic Green therapy, I awoke one morning with a strong awareness that I was feeling great, clear-headed and full of energy. More energy than I had felt in over 15 years. Also, a decade of brain fog had lifted as I regained back lost memory and mental acuity. I attribute getting off the stagnant health plateau 100% to the healing effect of Somavedic Medic Green.

Thank you again for your kindness and generosity,

Jill King

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